Do you spend a lot of your time worrying about how to keep the kids happy when they aren’t at school? Are you, like many parents, quite old fashioned in your beliefs that children should spend as much time outside as they can rather than being cooped up indoors. While kids do usually love playing out in the garden, they can get easily bored and try to return to their video game indoors. So, why not create a play area that will keep them engaged, occupied and entertained. Here are some tips on creating the perfect outdoor play area; it’s actually a lot simpler than you think.

Creating a safe environment

Before you go out and buy anything for the play area, you first need to ensure its safe. Try and look at the area from a child’s point of view. With falls and accidents a probability, it’s important to make sure the area has a soft floor. If your garden is currently made up of paving slabs, there are a few materials you can buy that will help to make the area safer – rubber flooring, synthetic turf and soft bark are all fantastic options. It’s also a good idea to provide shade in the hot summer months. Consider installing an exterior awning for added sun protection. Not only will it keep your kids safe, it will also look fantastic too.

Let your imagination take over

Designing your kids play area is the perfect opportunity to release your inner child. There are endless possibilities which you could try and you could even ask for your kids for their input in order to create something truly special that the whole family will love. Obviously your budget will play a part in what you can do, but there’s something out there to suit all price ranges. If you are lucky enough to have large trees in your garden, an off the ground den could be a great idea, or how about a built-in trampoline. This may be a little costly but it will be a great crowd pleaser at children’s parties and summer barbeques and will also ensure older children can enjoy the new outdoor play area as much as their younger siblings. Outdoor chalk boards, sand pits and swings are some of the other pieces equipment you might want to consider and might be more affordable than you realised. There really is something to suit all budgets and preferences all you have to do is let your imagination run wild! This is a guest post, please see my disclosure policy for all the boring stuff. 

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