The warm days and late nights certainly make people feel happier and more positive, so why not use those vibes to spruce up your home both inside and out. These six simple tips are sure-fire ways that you can make the most of the summer to enjoy your home and surroundings even more.

Bring out the barbecue

As it starts to get warm and you start to prefer eating in the garden, check your BBQ is clean and in full working order, ready to receive those bangers and steaks that will no doubt be grilling on it over the next few months. Stock up on charcoal and firelighters so you can have an impromptu BBQ if a bunch of buddies suddenly turn up. If you don’t have a BBQ, see if you can create a temporary one made out of brick in the corner of your outdoor space, then dismantle it as the nights start to draw in.

Prep up your gardening tools

Make sure your garden tools and other features are pristine and up to the job. Do you have the right hand tools? Will the lawnmower start up properly? If you have a pond, does it need to be dredged and cleaned? And finally, if you have a fence, wouldn’t it look so much better with a timbercare product, which you can get in a variety of colours.

Give your garden a spring clean

Spring clean your garden: Prune any bushes and borders, get rid of weeds and fertilise your lawn. Buy some manure and work it into your soil with a pitchfork. This will provide the nutrients that your plants and vegetable need to flourish. If you’ve planned ahead, any bulbs that you planted the previous winter should have burst into life, providing your garden with a further splash of colour.

Bring the warmth (and colour) indoors

Why not bring the outdoors indoors by placing some fresh flowers in rooms to fragrance your home. Buy some cushions with bold floral patterns on them and/or re-upholster your furnishings with petals or pastels. Summer is the time to embrace the light and warmth so use light fabrics, colours and tones.

Let the light in

Speaking of light, make the most of the summer air by throwing open your windows and doors. Not only does this let the refreshing breeze waft through and the light come flooding in, but you can use it as an opportunity to check the condition and state of the hinges on windows and doors. These take more of a beating in summer due to their constantly being opened and closed. Make sure they shut tight and fasten securely before winter rolls round again — you don’t want to discover you have a draughty home when it’s chilly outside.

Seize on the heat

Lastly, take advantage of the natural heat to save some money (and also some discomfort in the sweltering warmth). Swap your heavy curtains and other fabrics for lighter ones. Change your bedding for sheets. Turn off the central heating and use it for hot water only.Above all, enjoy this most lovely time of the year, it won’t be too long before it’s dark again. Still, these long summer nights will be a delicious memory to keep you warm during the cold weather. GP Janey Thompson is an interior design enthusiast and summer is her favourite season. When winter comes she likes to get away to somewhere warm.

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